Idris Elba next bond 007

Idris Elba next bond 007

Idris Elba next bond 007 :- Hello friends welcome to this awesome page. This page is all about Idris Elba as James Bond? Fans are shaken and stirred at the possibility.againg time there is some possibility that james bond could be replaced with Idris Elba. In this page I am sharing a report from UK Publication with you. According to Antoine Fuqua producer of bond Barbara Broccoli believes that it’s time to make some changes. They are talking on it to give a chance to Elba for present 007. but nobody is sure for this news. No one is confirmed publicly for this news yet.


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After the speculation of a couple of year. Last august Daniel Craig announced that he will be return to play for the fifth time, role of james bond. He has played the role of james bond over a decade. For a sixth film of james bond it seems unlikely that he will be back. But now it has been reported that actor Idris Elba is in the running for the role. James bond producers interested in Idris Elba to play the role of 007.

Idris Elba next bond 007, James bond producers interested in

This news comes from Antoine Fuqua the director of news. Antoine Fuqua is best know for some movies such as Trainind Day and The Equalizer. In London hi was promoting a new sound app. Antoine told that he had a few talk on upcoming movie with Barbara Broccoli who is the producer fo bond 007 series. He talked to Antoine about the possibility of the next 007 being played by a non-white actor.

When Antoine talked to broccoli he told him that “it is time” to make a decision for a more progressive casting. It will gonna be happen eventually. Antoine, the director also revealed that Idris going to be front runner the role of james bond 007. According to broccoli Idris could do it if he was in shap. He also said that Idris has that much stong physic presence that we need for role.

Idris Elba next bond 007, possibility of the next 007 being played by a non-white actor

For 45 year old Idris Elba this offer isn’t for the first time. Idris was asked about to play the role of bond 007 also in 2016. But it is said that he thought he was too old for the role of as the iconic british spy. He also keep saying that if will gonna paly the role of bond. Then it would be the will of nation because he isn’t yet talked abount it to the studio

In interview he also said that wherever he goes. Everywhere he founds that people wants that to be happen. He also said that man I am really honest that I think I am really too old for this role. This sounds terrible, really terrible


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